[Requests] Comments on Sensor Alert Service

Peter Cotroneo peterc at ll.mit.edu
Fri Dec 14 16:32:52 EST 2007

I would like to submit the following comments on the Sensor Alert 
Service from colleagues here at MIT Lincoln Laboratory:

It seems like the GetCapabilities service returns all subscriptions.
> There could be a user defined Subscription/Alert that we may or may not
> want everyone to be able to discover what User defined
> Alerts/Subscriptions we have defined.   This could be tied to an
> internal Authorization mechanism so that only the principal who created
> the subscription knows of its existence.
> "DescribeAlert" Seems to be to open also. We would like to see an
> authorization mechanism built into the method so that UserDefined Alerts
> are not always public.

Thank you.

Peter Cotroneo
MIT Lincoln Laboratory
244 Wood St, B-347
Lexington, MA 02420
peterc at ll.mit.edu

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