[Requests] Request for comment on Sensor Alert Service

Oliver Newell olivern at ll.mit.edu
Sun Dec 9 20:39:34 EST 2007

1. Evaluator:
        Oliver Newell
        MIT Lincoln Laboratory
        olivern at LL.mit.edu
2. Submission: [OpenGIS Project Doc 06-028r5  Sensor Alert Service]
Response to call for public comment
1. Requirement:
2. Implementation Specification Section number:
3. Criticality: [Not sure what to put here, given my comments below! :-) ]
4. Comments/justifications for changes:

a.  One function of the SAS seems to be to serve as a registry. It is 
not clear why the CSW/WRS specs are not being leveraged for these needs.

b.  The spec mentions that it overlaps with WS-Notification, but that 
harmonization will occur at a later time. Why not now, before it becomes 
a official spec? I think it would be useful to see a table of 
functionality that could NOT be provided by a service based on 
WS-Notification (WSN)

c.  The SWE architecture white paper recently released implies that the 
SAS does not function as a data transfer mechanism, just a registry. It 
appears from the SAS spec that this is not the case, and the SAS service 
provides some of its own data transfer mechanisms.

d. A general comment is that an alert service seems like a very general, 
non sensor-specific thing. It is not made clear why a sensor-specific 
service has been chosen as the way to go (Apologies if I simply missed 
the reasoning, since I only skimmed the document)


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