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Gordon Vereschagin gvereschagin at galdosinc.com
Thu Apr 26 13:49:52 EDT 2007

We have the following questions which require clarification prior to our
submitting the proposal.  The questions relate to Annex B, CGDI IP
Architecture, section 1.3.2 Use Case 1 and are as follows:

- Event #3, is it the author's intention that the end user performs a
free text search for feature types stored in the registry?
- Event #4, we assume a dataset means a collection of one feature type,
is this correct?
- Event #5, we assume the end user selects one dataset at a time to view
its metadata.  Is this correct?
- Event #6, we assume it is the end user and not the software that will
check whether the data is suitable for the task.  Is this correct?
- Event #7 - #10, does "optional" mean optional for the implementers of
the client software or optional for the end user?
- Event #8 second bullet, we assume "admin boundary" means a political,
electoral, or legal boundary. Is this correct?
- Event #8 third bullet, what are NTS lookup service and NTDB mapsheet
index?  Please explain.
- Event #10, the subset of attributes returned must contain all
mandatory attributes as specified by the respective GML application
schema. The user cannot request any arbitrary subset.  Is this correct?
- Event #11 and #12, is it the author's intention that the end user
makes one WFS query to one WFS service at a time?

When can we expect answers to the above questions as well as
confirmation of the questions raised during the telecon last week?
Thanks in advance.

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