[Requests] Fwd: Brief, summary, full schemas

Andrea Carboni acarboni at crisalis-tech.com
Mon May 29 12:43:11 EDT 2006

PART A ------ 

1. Evaluator: Andrea Carboni <acarboni at crisalis-tech.com>

2. Submission: OGC Request 35: OpenGIS® Catalogue Services Specification
2.0.1 (with Corrigendum) - ISO Metadata Application Profile (CSW2 AP ISO):
Request for Public Comments

PART B ------ 

1. Specification Section number: [Annex D]
2. Criticality: [MAJOR]
3. Comments/justifications for changes

On of the parameters of the GetRecords operation is the resultType,
which can be 'dataset,' datasetcollection', 'service', 'application'.

This parameter is mapped to the same XPath of the 'Type' queryable
so it does not make sense here. My suggestion is to remove this
parameter and to use the 'Type' queryable (inside a CQL or filter) to
look for the same information.

Another note is about the MD_ScopeCode codelist related to this
'Type' queryable. The 19139 schema has the following values for it:

   attribute, attributeType, collectionHardware, collectionSession
   dataset, series, nonGeographicDataset, dimensionGroup
   feature, featureType, propertyType, fieldSession, software, 
   service, model, tile

As you can see, 'dataset' and 'service' are present but 'datasetcollection'
and 'application' are missing.

I hope this can help.


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