[Requests] Brief, summary, full schemas

Andrea Carboni acarboni at crisalis-tech.com
Sun May 21 11:04:54 EDT 2006

PART A ------ 

1. Evaluator: Andrea Carboni <acarboni at crisalis-tech.com>

2. Submission: OGC Request 35: OpenGIS® Catalogue Services Specification
2.0.1 (with Corrigendum) - ISO Metadata Application Profile (CSW2 AP ISO):
Request for Public Comments

PART B ------ 

1. Specification Section number: [Annex D]
2. Criticality: [MAJOR]
3. Comments/justifications for changes

Brief xml schema:
- title does not exist
- graphicOverview is not a gco:CharacterString

Summary xml schema:
- referenceSystemInfo goes before identificationInfo
- distributionInfo goes before dataQuality
- federatedCatalogue does not exist

General considerations:
- many xml examples (for requests, responses, metadata, etc...) would have
  made things much simpler and less error prone...
- it is very annoying to be asked for username/password when someone just
  wants to browse the list archives...

- on page 39, the 'Modified' queryable has been mapped to 'dc:date' but
  a 'dct:modified' field aready exists.


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