[Requests] TML specification comments

Arthur Na arthur at iriscorp.org
Fri May 5 16:47:07 EDT 2006

Having heard from a number of people, and having reviewed TML internally,
we believe that the following changes are recommended to the TML

   1. Correct grammatical errors and spelling errors.
   2. Eliminate inconsistencies throughout the specification.
   3. Ensure that all ideas are expressed correctly.
   4. Consolidate some elements in the schema and eliminate the
   unnecessary or repetitive elements.
   5. Eliminate id and ref attributes and only use UIDs.
   6. Rename elements to add more context.
   7. Reduce the number of types.
   8. Simplify the schema by moving some elements up one level.
   9. Add elements to ensure that TML can characterize the full range of
   phenomena that exists.
   10. Add an object element.
   11. Add a trigger for input and output.
   12. Change the examples in the specification so that they match the
   latest version of the schema.
   13. Rework the specification so that it makes sense with the current
   format of TML.
   14. Update the XML Spy diagrams.
   15. Replace the schema in the Annex with the latest version.
   16. Clearly define all attributes and enumerations in the text.
   17. Update the Figure numbers.

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