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[OGC Press Release] OGC and PCIA Announce Agreement to Co-Promote Open Location Services

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Tue, 12 Mar 2002 13:33:23 -0500


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OGC and PCIA Announce Agreement to Co-Promote Open Location Services

Wayland, MA, USA, March 12, 2002. The Open GIS Consortium, Inc.
(OGC) and the Personal Communications Industry Association (PCIA),
Alexandria, VA, today announced that they have signed a memorandum
of understanding to work together to advance the interoperability of
geospatial information systems in wireless communications.

Under the agreement, OGC and PCIA will formalize programs and
processes to advance policy and technology interoperability based on the
needs and interest of their members. Both organizations advocate that by
improving the ability of various networks and user appliances to
interoperate technology developers and service providers will be able to
better take advantage of the tremendous market growth potential in
location-based services.

David Schell, President of OGC, noted, "Reducing technology risk is a
major focus of OGC. OGC members specify interfaces, which enable
developers to create open spatial solutions, including location service
solutions that operate on a variety of personal devices, wireless networks
and applications. Much of the work takes place in OGC's Open Location
Services Testbed. The partnership with PCIA will help us create an open
platform for providers and ultimately better solutions for government,
business and consumer users of personal communications devices and

OGC and PCIA will collaborate on specific programs and activities that
will allow their respective members to collectively advance efficient, safe
and desirable services based on geo-location. OGC will participate on
PCIA's Education Advisory Council to develop educational track content
for PCIA GlobalXChange 2002, September 17-19, in New Orleans. OGC
and PCIA will host a joint day-long workshop at GlobalXChange 2002 to
educate CEO's and other key decision makers on the critical role that
system interoperability plays in rolling out location based services in a
wireless environment.  PCIA will participate in OGC's Special Interest
Groups as appropriate to provide members with timely reports concerning
the state of wireless communications.

PCIA President and CEO Jay Kitchen comments that working with OGC
affirms its commitment to accelerating the mobile convergence market.
"PCIA is committed to arming our members with the tools and information
they need to take advantage of the next era of wireless. The role of
spatial technologies and services in wireless communications is about to
explode. With OGC, we plan to explore the possibilities and implications
of this issue from a regulatory, marketing and technical standpoint and
use the information to advance the cause of our membership."

About OGC
OGC is an international industry consortium of more than 230 companies,
government agencies and universities participating in a consensus
process to develop publicly available geoprocessing specifications.
OpenGISŪ Specifications support interoperable solutions that "geo-
enable" the Web and mainstream IT, and empower technology
developers to make complex spatial information and services accessible
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About PCIA
PCIA is an association of companies working together to increase the
reach, frequency and impact of wireless technology integration into the
enterprise, business and consumer markets. With a history of launching
and nurturing wireless industries, PCIA addresses wireless issues from a
marketplace, regulatory and technical perspective. PCIA members
include interdependent companies that provide mobile technology
solutions to every sector of the economy.  For more information visit

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