[Mass-Market-GEO] kml:description content model

Rushforth, Peter prushfor at NRCan.gc.ca
Wed Aug 27 17:01:07 EDT 2008

Hi Michael,

> It _should_ be, yes. Historically it is not because the the 
> content of <description> is mostly* not an interesting part 
> of KML -- it's just a blob that gets handed to a lump of code 
> that renders the feature balloon. In that case you never want 
> your KML parser to see any of it, hence wrapping in CDATA.

xs:anyType seems to permit wrapping content in CDATA but also permits
any well-formed xml markup.  I attach an example schema and instance

Unfortunately, it also seems to permit attributes on the description
element, which might be reason enough to discount the notion.

> As things stand with OGC KML 
> 2.2, there _is_ the concept of a feature anchor link that is 
> inlined with the content of description

Could you give an example of that?  I can't find reference to 
"feature anchor link".


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