[Mass-Market-GEO] kml:description content model

Rushforth, Peter prushfor at NRCan.gc.ca
Wed Aug 27 14:14:57 EDT 2008


In the KML 2.2 schema, the kml:description element is of type xs:string.

You can put html or xhtml markup in the kml:description element, and earth browsers
will display it formatted according to markup.

In order to put (ill-formed) html markup in the description element, you need to enclose it
in a CDATA section.

>From the XML spec:

Definition: CDATA sections may occur anywhere character data may occur; 
they are used to escape blocks of text containing characters which would 
otherwise be recognized as markup.

Shouldn't the type of kml:description be xs:anyType, which still would allow
string values, but would also permit well-formed markup without having
to escape the markup or enclose it in CDATA?

Maybe I'm wrong somewhere here.


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