[Mass-Market-GEO] WMS-C tile caching spec

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Although it is not actually an OGC spec, during the OGC OWS5 the SWE thread
tested and demonstrated the ability to explore very large (30GB)
surveillance imagery using JPIP with SensorML encoding of sensor models for
on-demand georeferencing of the unrectified imagery. The images come over as
JP2 while the JPIP standard allows one to request specific tiles, with
specific resolution and degree of compression.

Might be worth looking into for completeness.

Mike Botts

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Hi, what's the current status of the tile caching spec proposed by OSGEO?

I am giving a talk on optimizations for speedy web delivery in a few  
days, and it would be nice to know how the OGC is thinking about this  

Any other tile caching schemes or optimizations for large data sets  
that are in review would be nice to know about as well :-)

Thanks a bunch,

David Percy
Geospatial Data Mannager
Geology Department
Portland State University

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