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Mike, regarding COLLADA, we have a growing OGC-Khronos connection stemming from the 3DIM WG work on 3D standards. We should discuss overlap and synchronization of efforts. We are also talking about a "formal" liaison effort between KML and CityGML WGs that might also handle this connection. Unfortunately I won't be in Italy next month but other members can speak to the issues. Regards, Tim Case

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Hi Ed.
Alex Robin and I are working on a Sensor Web Enablement (SWE) portrayal service for KML. This capability would allow content coming from SensorML process chains or SWE services to be styled according to the OGC SLD standard (slightly extended) and provided to Google Earth client via KML or COLLADA. The stylers for lines, points, and polygons is complete (see tracks and look rays in attached examples); we plan to have the stylers for imagery, text, and icons completed soon. Because the imagery from remote sensors (airborne, satellite, and ground-based such as Doppler radar) tend to have irregular footprint on the ground, as well as sometimes having vertical profiles, we are investigating the use of COLLADA for this imagery, rather than the KML imagery standard. 
We are also interested in exploring issues regarding highly dynamic data coming from sensors (both real-time and archived).
I had planned to request a time slot to present at the Mass Market WG, but we are currently scheduled to be at the SWE WG meetings at the same time. If you are interested in such a presentation at the Mass Market WG, however, perhaps I could sneak away from SWE for 20 minutes.
Can you give me your thoughts on the usefulness and interest in such a presentation at Mass Market?
Mike Botts
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HI all, 

I am putting together the Agenda for the Mass Market Geo working group for the upcoming OGC TC meeting in Stresa, Italy <http://www.opengeospatial.org/event/0712tc> to be held on the Tuesday Morning of the Meeting, 11th December.

Please fwd anything you would like to cover, so far we have an update from the KML SWG...


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