[Mass-Market-GEO] Where 2.0 and OGC update

Raj Singh rsingh at opengeospatial.org
Tue Feb 27 14:22:49 EST 2007

For those of you planning to attend Where 2.0, we've put together a  
modest plan to demonstrate the power of geospatial interoperability.  
It basically involves 3 components:
1. stand up data services
2. stand up catalogs
3. play with discovery and chaining (mash them up), possibly using  
Yahoo! Pipes

In order to coordinate participation, I suggest we have a short  
conference call once a month leading up to the event. I think if we  
get at least 3 or 4 organizations participating with at least 10 data  
services and a catalog or two we can do something as impressive as  
anything else at the show (you don't have to be at the conference to  
participate with services).

Who is interested in participating?

Raj Singh
Open Geospatial Consortium
rsingh at opengeospatial.org
+1 (617) 642-9372

** making location count **

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