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     Pepijn has it right; the GeoPackage v1.0 metadata model had two 
tables following a common relational database design for implementing 
many to many relationships, which were needed to implement the 
hierarchical metadata model defined in ISO 19115. One metadata record 
can apply to many data items (tables / rows / columns or any subset 
thereof), and one data item can be described by many metadata records 
(e.g. from different sources).


Paul Daisey

On 4/20/2018 3:19 PM, Pepijn Van Eeckhoudt via Geopackage wrote:
> Hi Jeff,
> Which tables do you mean exactly? gpkg_metadata and 
> gpkg_metadata_reference?
> One stores the metadata itself; the other is the association 
> relationship between the metadata and the data it describes. Splitting 
> the two allows reuse of metadata for multiple tables.
> If I remember correctly, Paul Daisy did most of the work on metadata 
> so he might be able to give you a better answer.
> Pepijn
>> On 20 Apr 2018, at 21:10, Jeff Yutzler via Geopackage 
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>> Hello list.
>> Does anyone out there remember why we have two separate metadata 
>> tables as part of the Metadata Extension (this was originally part of 
>> core)? I am trying to produce guidance for this extension and as far 
>> as I can tell, there is a 1:1 mapping between the two tables. Am I 
>> missing something?
>> -Jeff
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