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Jeff Yutzler jeffy at imagemattersllc.com
Mon Mar 13 23:25:30 EDT 2017

Hello list. In the SWG meeting today we were reviewing some text in the
standard and we came across this nugget in section

Views of this table or view MAY be used to provide compatibility with the
> SQL/MM [12] <http://www.geopackage.org/spec/#12> SQL/MM View of
> gpkg_geometry_columns Definition SQL (Informative)
> <http://www.geopackage.org/spec/#sqlmm_gpkg_geometry_columns_sql> and OGC
> Simple Features SQL [9] <http://www.geopackage.org/spec/#9>[10]
> <http://www.geopackage.org/spec/#10>[11]
> <http://www.geopackage.org/spec/#11> SF/SQL VIEW of gpkg_geometry_columns
> Definition SQL (Informative)
> <http://www.geopackage.org/spec/#sfsql_gpkg_geometry_columns_sql>
>  specifications.

No one on the call could recall what this was about. In retrospect it seems
odd because as far as we can remember this part of the standard was derived
directly from those standards.

If this block is important, we'd just like to know why. If it is not
important, we would just assume get rid of it.


Jeff Yutzler
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