[Geopackage] Geopackage on a shared network drive

Árni Geirsson arni at alta.is
Thu Sep 29 18:44:45 EDT 2016

Dear Geopackage developers!
I look forward to the day when Geopackage replaces the old shapefiles and I
thank you for your efforts. As a user in a small team that uses QGIS and
shares data on a NAS box, basically a Samba server for network shares, I
notice that Geopackage data loads very slowly, much more slowly than a
shapefile stored in exactly the same shared folder. I have noticed this
with Spatialite, too, and suspect that the problem lies with Sqlite and
some problem it has with the networking protocol. Since Geopackage is
intended (as I understand) as a storage and exchange format for geodata,
rather than a general purpose database format like Spatialite, I was hoping
that this problem could be overcome and that the Geopackage data would load
as fast as the shapefile data from the network share. When the Geopackage
and shapefile data are both on a local drive, I see no difference in the
loading speed.

Do you think this will be solved?

Best regards


Árni Geirsson
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