[Geopackage] Geopackage extension to store context and styling

Paul Van Genuchten paul.vangenuchten at geocat.net
Fri Nov 11 19:16:05 EST 2016

Hi list, even roualt pointed me to this list after reading a proposal for a Geopackage extension to include context and styling in a geopackage. We see this extension as a strong enabler to transfer a full mapping project between gis applications, web mapping platforms and mobile mapping clients.

At first we tried to embed our ambition in an existing qgis gpkg extension, but after discussion with pirmin kalberer, we decided to design a separate extension best matching current OGC practices

I published a first draft of the extension specification at https://github.com/pka/qgpkg/blob/master/ows_geopackage_extension.md
Welcoming your thoughts and suggestions

Regards Paul van Genuchten

Groet Paul van Genuchten
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