[Geopackage] Website updates & a question

Chris Holmes cholmes at 9eo.org
Sat May 30 19:12:38 EDT 2015

> > I may make some more pull requests if I can find some time, on data, and
> > maybe some small edits on the first paragraph.
> It would be good if we can identify actual implementations, versus users of
> those implementations. That will give us a much better view of the real
> state. So we have geotools and geoserver, but the geoserver implementation
> is
> pretty much just geotools. It'll get messier for layers where (say) FME
> is just using GDAL 2.0, and GDAL (say) uses spatialite for vectors but
> brings
> in some extra capabilities for tiles.
> Of course, if this is just supposed to be marketing, ignore me.
Yeah, I see this as mostly marketing. But point taken. I could see breaking
it in to libraries and tools/apps/servers. And/or just have implementations
name which library they use when we list them. Pull requests accepted ;)
(or I'll do it when I find some time).
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