[Geopackage] Capturing rendering intent for features

Brad Hards bradh at frogmouth.net
Thu May 21 18:01:48 EDT 2015

Does anyone have, or has anyone looked at, an extension that captures 
rendering intent?

I'm currently working up a plugin for a mission planning system (JMPS) that 
usually allows users to have some default rendering options for each overlay 
(e.g. what colour line, what width, what style) and then do something for an 
individual file (sometimes with filtering). I'm  planning to embed those per-file 
(or per table, or per row) preferences in a new table in the geopackage, 
similar to the way metadata can be done, but obviously with different tables.

I considered using SLD, but a full SLD implementation is too difficult to make a 
reasonable UI for.

So the options are probably some kind of SLD-based approach (not sure if 
profiles are well defined for SLD yet); or doing some simple declarative 
approach using columns for each rendering property I care about (which will 
probably match my rendering capabilities, but not be that useful elsewhere).

If no interest, happy to keep working alone, but wanted to put out the 
possibility of collaboration.


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