[Geopackage] Displaying Geopackage Raster data

Even Rouault even.rouault at spatialys.com
Fri Jun 19 14:37:49 EDT 2015

Le vendredi 19 juin 2015 18:46:03, Burken, David a écrit :
> Hi Phillip,
> I can read with the ossim code but they are  using jpeg tiles with a CMYK
> compression and I can't get the colors correct.  I think the gdal folks
> complained about this also.  The original Whitehorse gpkg which they said
> was incorrect I could read just fine.  We usually do pnga for the edge
> tiles that are partial and plain old JCS_RRG jpeg for interior tiles.  I
> thinks they are using the "K" for alpha maybe.  

I tried your hypothesis since GDAL does CMYK -> RGB conversion, by considering 
CMY as RGB without conversion, but the result is complete garbage, whereas the 
current CMYK -> RGB conversion produce just "weird" colors... One hypothesis I 
didn't test is to take the reverse value of K since this is often a source of 

> Anyway if I could crack
> the nut on the jpeg decode I would say you could use ossim-geocell as a
> viewer.  It works really nice...
> Take care,
> Dave
> On 06/19/2015 11:07 AM, Philipp Seyerlein wrote:
> I'm looking for a program to display raster images and furthermore for
> raster example-data. For so far, I tried to display the
> ERDC_Whitehorse_GeoPackage.gpkg and the similar data
> 2015_05_05_Whitehorse_3857.gpkg. Neither ArcGIS 10.3, nor QGIS 2.8.1 can
> read it with default settings. In ArcGIS it should be possible, also QGIS
> should be able, perhaps with implementation of GDAL v2.0dev? Has anybody a
> solution or alternative software/data?

I confirm that QGIS when running against GDAL 2.0 can display raster geopackage 

> Best regards,
> Philipp

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