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Hi Chris,

The ERDC ‘reference implementation’ was sent out to participants in the GeoPackage Plugfest that ERDC/AGC facilitated last year.  It was intended to only serve as an example GeoPackage for that particular event, so please feel free to remove ‘reference implementation’ from the language around it.


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Hey, I've been meaning to do this for awhile, but just made a pull request so the 'implementations' listed are more consistent. Focused on just what version of software supports which parts of geopackage, and linking out.


I may make some more pull requests if I can find some time, on data, and maybe some small edits on the first paragraph.

One thing I was surprised by is this 'reference implementation' from ERDC. I searched the group and didn't find much reference to this. Why is it called a reference implementation? Was it made in conjunction with a test suite? It also looks like it only implements tiles? To me it seems like a reference implementation should be complete.

Unless someone has a compelling reason I'd like to remove 'reference implementation' from the language around it, unless it's developed in tandem with an OGC test suite.
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