[Geopackage] "OpenGeoPDF" linkage to geopackage?

Pepijn Van Eeckhoudt pepijn.vaneeckhoudt at luciad.com
Fri Nov 21 09:38:01 EST 2014

I haven't. AFAIK terrago doesn't publish much information about the 
technical details of their technology. Based on
> *How does OpenGeoPDF work?*
>   * With OpenGeoPDF, TerraGo Publisher for ArcGIS users can create
>     GeoPDF maps and embed feature attributes as a GeoPackage database.
from their site 
it sounds like they're embedding a sqlite db inside a pdf.


On 21/11/14 11:47, Brad Hards wrote:
> http://www.directionsmag.com/pressreleases/terrago-unveils-groundbreaking-opengeopdf-technology/425722
> Anyone gotten past the PR to the file format?
> Brad

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