[Geopackage] gpkg_contents when type is not 'feature' or 'tiles'

Robert Coup robert.coup at koordinates.com
Mon Nov 10 12:17:26 EST 2014

Hi Pepjin,

On Tuesday, 11 November 2014, Pepijn Van Eeckhoudt <
pepijn.vaneeckhoudt at luciad.com> wrote:

> Not really an oversight imo. The GeoPackage spec covers encoding spatial
> data in SQLite databases. We considered anything non-spatial out of scope
> for v1.0. You’re free to encode that type of data however you like.

Well, yes and no. It's designed to store a database rather than a single
feature type, is pretty rare that *only* spatial data exists without

We can't add table or attribute metadata (eg. ISO) for aspatial tables to
the relevant gpkg_ tables and still be compliant c/- Requirement 72. Adding
them externally for a handful of tables defeats the purpose :)

> I’m not saying that you should absolutely not do this. It’s just that the
> extension spec that Even linked to states that you should use ‘NULL’ as the
> table name. I was question whether that was intentional or not. I
> personally think it’s excessively broad to state that in an extension spec.

Okay, so what alternative approaches can we take? You're suggesting adding
it per-table instead?

An extension that says "change SHALL into MAY in Req. 72" would work too,
except Ruan couldn't figure out how to encode that in the Extension spec :)



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