[CITE-Forum] TEAM Engine code sprint at OSGeo Code Sprint in Bonn, Germany (2018-03-20)

Dirk Stenger cite at lat-lon.de
Thu Mar 8 10:45:29 EST 2018

Hi all,

We would like to invite you to a TEAM Engine code sprint at OSGeo Code
Sprint in Bonn, Germany on 20th of March 2018.

Everyone interested in TEAM Engine (from user to developer) is invited
to participate. This will be a great opportunity for you to get involved
and improve TEAM Engine and to get to know this tool better.

We plan to work on a selection of following topics:
- Improve testing strategies for TEAM Engine and/or test suites
- Implement display of hierarchies in new HTML report of TEAM Engine
- Introduction of teamengine-statistics project

Also, you are welcome to bring in your own ideas.

The referenced issues can be used to have discussions about single
topics prior to the code sprint.

Instructions about how to get there and how to register can be found
here: https://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/OSGeo_Code_Sprint_2018

If you would like to participate, please write me an short email. By
that, it is easier to find each other and to organize workplaces for
Of course, it is also possible to participate spontaneously. Just look
for us in Basecamp then.

We are looking forward to improve TEAM Engine with you together!

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