[CITE-Forum] WCS 1.0.0 test issues

Robin Houtmeyers Robin.Houtmeyers at luciad.com
Fri Jan 13 10:55:50 EST 2017


we encountered a few unclear test failures while running the WCS 1.0.0 test (Team Engine 4.6): 

(1) Related to missing / invalid version parameter 

Failing test in case of missing version : Test wcs1-0-0:describecoverage_operations-describecoverage_request-get-kvp-1 
Assertion: When a DescribeCoverage request is made without version, the server returns service exception. 
=> this seems to be the case to me, see http://demo.luciad.com:8080/LuciadLightspeedOGC2016/wcssca?&SeRvIcE=WCS&CoVeRaGe=usa&ReQuEsT=DescribeCoverage 

Failing test in case of invalid version: Test wcs1-0-0:describecoverage_operations-describecoverage_request-get-kvp- 2 
Assertion: When a DescribeCoverage request is made with an invalid version, the server returns service exception. 
=> again, this seems to be the case to me, see http://demo.luciad.com:8080/LuciadLightspeedOGC2016/wcssca?&VeRsIoN=0.0.0&CoVeRaGe=usa&ReQuEsT=DescribeCoverage&SeRvIcE=WCS 

I have similar failing tests for POST KVP and POST XML request bindings. 

(2) Additionally, we have a test failure that throws an occamlab exception: 

Test wcs1-0-0:getcoverage_operations-getcoverage_request-grid_size-get-xml-2 
Assertion: When a GetCoverage request is made without a specific grid size and without a grid resolution, the server returns service exception 
Error in call to extension function {public synchronized void com.occamlab.te.TECore.callTest(net.sf.saxon.expr.XPathContext,java.lang.String,java.lang.String,net.sf.saxon.om.NodeInfo,java.lang.String) throws java.lang.Exception}: Exception in extension function java.lang.Exception: Fatal Error: XPath syntax error at char 40 on line 55 in {...ESCRIBE_COVERAGE_HTTP_POST_...}: 
Variable $VAR_WCS_DESCRIBE_COVERAGE_HTTP_POST_URL has not been declared; SystemID: file:/srv/local/teamengine-prod/TE_BASE/work/srv_local_teamengine-prod_TE_BASE_scripts_wcs_1.0.0_ctl_/wcs/wcs1-0-0$getcoverage_operations-getcoverage_request-grid_size-get-xml-2.test; Line#: 55; Column#: -1 
Failed to compile stylesheet. 1 error detected. 
Result: Failed (InheritedFailure) 

Do you have any ideas? 

Kind regards, 

robin.houtmeyers @luciad.com 
T +32 16 23 95 91 M +32 499 96 73 50 

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