[CITE-Forum] Issues while testing

Wright, Eric (NRCan/RNCan) eric.wright at canada.ca
Fri Feb 24 07:50:13 EST 2017

Great timing for the Beta,
We have been using the WMS 1.20 and WCS 1.11 with success.  Or at least our results are consistent with 1.19 and 1.10

I've noted that the Test wcs:GetCoverage_OutsideBoundingBox seems to be missing from WCS 1.11 when tested against v1.1.1

Also for the WMS 1.20 introduced 2 new failures,
Test wcs:GetCoverage_MissingIdentifier
Test wcs:GetCoverage_EmptyIdentifier

but appears not to have tested
Test wcs:GetCoverage_BoundingBox_OutOfRangeCoordinates
Test wcs:GetCoverage_OutsideBoundingBox

Currently trying to install the test suite on GCE Ubuntu to script testing of a list of sites.  I've got Maven installed and Teamengine, and now trying to get the TS sorted out.  Any help to script testing WMS , WFS, WMTS WCS would be appreciated.

Eric Wright
Canadian Geospatial Data Infrastructure Division
Natural Resources Canada

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