[CITE-Forum] [Critical]WCS2.0.1 (CRS Extension) ext_crs wrong input parameters (Capabilities, SupportsGML) from calling in wcs2main.xml

Bang Pham Huu b.phamhuu at jacobs-university.de
Wed Nov 16 10:27:48 EST 2016

Hello list,

This problem is critical as it makes WCS 2.0.1 CRS extension test failed 
badly (indeed when I tested GeoServer for example, it passed most of the 
test cases. However, this is due to the ctl code does not check 
correctly as Capabilities is empty then the if condition which leads to 
"Failure" will never be reached).

The detail of problem is, because ext_crs.xml does not know the passed 
parameter to run the test
|<ctl:test name="wcs2:crs"> <ctl:param name="url"/> <ctl:param 
name="Capabilities"/> <ctl:param name="SupportsGML" />|

Meanwhile in wcs2main.xml, it only calls this test suite with "url" 

|<xsl:when test="contains($ext_crs,'crs')"> <ctl:call-test 
name="wcs2:crs"> <ctl:with-param name="url" select="$url"/> 

I'm not sure why ext_crs instead of having a GetCapabilities internally 
as same as other test suite (e.g: ext-get-scal.xml as it will get the 
value for the local variable "Capabilities" on the top of the file), in 
ext_crs, it try to do an irrelevant request with DescribeCoverage ???)

|<ctl:url> <xsl:value-of select="$url"/> </ctl:url> 
<ctl:method>get</ctl:method> <ctl:param name="service">WCS</ctl:param> 
<ctl:param name="VERSION">2.0.1</ctl:param> <ctl:param 
name="request">DescribeCoverage</ctl:param> <ctl:param 

Please fix it as soon as possible.

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