[CITE-Forum] [UK OFFICIAL] How do I validate a specific profile of WMS 1.3.0?

Herridge Graham J GJHERRIDGE at mail.dstl.gov.uk
Fri Jan 29 08:43:05 EST 2016

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I'm looking for some advice please -

I've compiled a local version of the validator, as I need to execute it on a non WWW connected network to test internal geo servers. For the moment I'm just running it as a command line interface.

I can successfully validate OGC WMS 1.3.0 URL's as expected. However, I really need to validate the DGIWG profile of WMS, which I have downloaded the CTL from https://svn.opengeospatial.org/ogc-projects/cite/scripts/wms/profiles/dgiwg/ed1.3/trunk/

When I try to run the script using the DGIWG profile as the source, I just get an error message about "no test suite found" (or something like that) and nothing runs - no dialog box appears or anything.

Is there a special method for validating a specific WMS profile? Does it need to be somehow added onto the standard WMS CTL? Do they need to be run together? What am I missing?

As anybody else managed to get this running?

Any guidance is gratefully received, as I am stuck!

Thank you,

Graham Herridge
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