[CITE-Forum] Basic WFS Tests

Ben Halstead ben.halstead at civica.co.uk
Thu Jan 7 11:21:49 EST 2016

Hi Folks,

Thanks for all your help so far; we now pass Simple WFS.
Still some issues with Basic WFS - some confusing test return values.

propertyIsGreaterThanEqualTo_matchAny, propertyIsGreaterThan_matchAny, propertyIsLessThanEqualTo_matchAny, propertyIsLessThan_matchAny and propertyIsLessThan_matchAll
return test errors of the form

XPath expression cannot be evaluated: xs:anySimpleType(ns1:ID) ge xs:anySimpleType('0.0')XPath syntax error at char 25 in {...pe(ns1:ID) ge xs:anySimpleT...}:
       Unknown constructor function: {http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema}anySimpleType.

for a query url


The returned GML/XML is considered valid by http://www.validome.org/xml/validate/

The error would seem to imply the test is expecting the query to be included in the response - but I cannot find any reference to this in the spec. Must be misunderstanding something.

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