[CITE-Forum] OGC Validation Tools 2016-03 - RC for the production website in May

Tsvetan Penev Tsvetan.Penev at avitech.aero
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Hi Luis,

just a quick question. A bug in the test suite, related to WFS 2.0 revision 1.21, Basic WFS conformance class was reported https://github.com/opengeospatial/ets-wfs20/issues/25 around the beginning of this month. This bug causes two test cases from the Basic WFS conformance class to be skipped.

Is this going to be fixed before the WFS 2.0 revision 1.21 test suite is moved from the beta to the production website?

Best regards,

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On behalf of the CITE TEAM, I’m very pleased to announce the OGC Validation Tools March 2016 Release.

OGC Beta Validator website

There were no updates of any test nor TEAM Engine that were ready to be released on the OGC Beta validation website, so this month there are no changes.

OGC Official Validator Website

Regarding updates in the OGC Official validator website, the CITE Subcommittee recommended at the TC meeting last Month that we only release two times per year. We will release in May and November. I have updated this information in the CITE wiki: https://github.com/opengeospatial/cite/wiki/Release-Schedule

The next release of the OGC Production Validation Website will be next month (May), during the first ten days. The release will be based on the current versions advertised on the Beta Web site. The current beta web site is the Release Candidate (RC) for the May release, which is composed of the following:

TEAM Engine 4.6

CSW 2.0.2 revision   1.15
GML 3.2 revision  1.23 *
KML 2.2 revision 1.12
SOS 1.0 revision 1.13
SFS 1.1 revision 1.6
SFS 1.2 revision 1.4
SOS 2.0 revision 1.12
SPS 1.0 revision 1.7
SPS 2.0 revision 1.10
WCS 1.0 revision 1.11
WCS 1.1 revision 1.7 *
WCS 2.0 revision 1.9
WFS 1.0 revision 1.11 *
WFS 2.0 revision 1.21 *
WMS 1.1 revision 1.13 *
WMS 1.3 revision 1.16
WMS 1.3 Client revision 1.2

The tests that have a star are the only ones that have changed, and will be moved from the beta to the production validation website next month unless there are any issues or objections.

If you have any issues or questions, please report directly to the GitHub issue tracker of each test, or via the CITE Forum (cite-forum at lists.opengeospatial.org).

Best Regards.

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