[CITE-Forum] RequestOtherResponseFormat - SOS 2.0 conformacne testing

宗岩 Rocky rocky at gis.tw
Thu May 21 22:51:51 EDT 2015

Dear David,

????It seems that the responseFormat for the Post and Soap test shouldn’t be URL encoded.
????I have fixed it and update to Github.

Tsung-Yen Lee (Rocky)
software engineer
GIS Research Center, Feng-Chia University Taiwan
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Subject: [CITE-Forum] RequestOtherResponseFormat - SOS 2.0 conformacne testing

This is really a question about URL encoding.
The test I’m looking at is: 05.18.RequestOtherResponseFormat
This test has the following variable somewhere around line 6036 in SOS_ETS.xml:
<xsl:variable name="targetResponseFormat" select="string('http%3A%2F%2Fwww.opengis.net%2Fom%2F2.0')" />
You will notice that the targetResponseFormat has the format URL encoded.

This variable is used for both GET, SOAP and POST tests.  I’m thinking that the targetReposnseFormat shouldn’t be URL encoded for all test.

GET, yes
SOAP, no
POST, maybe ?header can be application/x-www-form-urlencoded  or multipart/form-data. Not sure of the Team Enginge default.

Possibly adding in another variable:

<xsl:variable name="targetResponseFormatSOAP" select="string('http://www.opengis.net/om/2.0')" />

With an appropriate change in the SOAP test would be appropriate.

If someone thinks the responseFormat for the SOAP test should be URL encoded any discussion would be appreciated.


David Archer
Software Developer
Engineering & Support Solutions Directorate
Riverside Research Institute
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