[CITE-Forum] New versions of tests in the OGC official testing facility

Luis Bermudez lbermudez at opengeospatial.org
Wed May 13 09:51:09 EDT 2015

Dear All,

Some tests were in the OGC beta testing facility for more than one month, and I heard no complaints.

These tests have been moved to the official web site.

GML 3.2.1 from 1.19 to 1.20
SOS 1.0.0 from r12 to  1.13
SOS 2.0 from r7 to 1.8
SPS 1.0 from r5 to 1.6
SPS 2.0 from r8 to 1.9
SFS 1.1 from r3 to 1.4
SFS 1.2.1 from r3 to 1.4
WCS 1.0.0 from r9 to 1.10
WCS 1.1.1 from r1 to 1.4
WCS 2.0.1 from r6 to 1.7
WFS 1.0.0 from r20 to 1.22
WMS 1.1.1 from r7 to 1.9
WMS 1.3.0 from r10 to 1.11

Note that the tests are running OK in all versions of TEAM Engine since TE 4.0.5, including 4.1-beta1 and current master branch. 

To check the details for each test, including the release notes, click on the version number of the test in the welcome page of the OGC testing facility:


As usual, if you spot any issue please use the CITE forum or report directly in the tracker of each test.

Best Regards,

On behalf of the compliance team

Luis Bermudez, Ph.D.
Executive Director Compliance and E-Learning
Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC)
Skype: bermudez_luis
Twitter: @berdez
Tel: +1 301 760 7323

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