[CITE-Forum] WMTS r4 test execution issue

Robin Houtmeyers Robin.Houtmeyers at luciad.com
Wed Feb 18 11:20:00 EST 2015

Hi all,

while running the WMTS r4 compliance test, test 'wmts:Server.KVP.GET.HTTP.Mandatory' failed with the message

Error in call to extension function {public java.lang.Object com.occamlab.te.TECore.callFunction(net.sf.saxon.expr.XPathContext,java.lang.String,java.lang.String,net.sf.saxon.om.NodeInfo) throws java.lang.Exception}: Exception in extension function java.lang.RuntimeException: net.sf.saxon.s9api.SaxonApiException: Error in call to extension function {public org.w3c.dom.NodeList com.occamlab.te.TECore.request(org.w3c.dom.Document,java.lang.String) throws java.lang.Throwable}: Exception in extension function java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException
Result: Failed

The test assertion is about getting a HTTP 404 error when calling a non-existing service, which seems correct to me if I run the test URL http://demo.luciad.com:8080/LuciadFusion/wmts/nonesuch.

Thus, I suspect a test issue?

Best regards,
Robin Houtmeyers

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