[CITE-Forum] WFS 2.0 no data available.

Richard Martell rmartell at galdosinc.com
Tue Dec 15 16:24:11 EST 2015

Hi Ben,

As Dirk noted the GetFeature response entity could not be validated:

WARNING: Prerequisite not satisfied: No valid data available from WFS.

The namespace bindings are incorrect. They should be as follows for WFS 2.0:

* GML - "http://www.opengis.net/gml/3.2"
* WFS - "http://www.opengis.net/wfs/2.0"
* OWS - "http://www.opengis.net/ows/1.1"

Note that WFS 2.0 implementations must support GML 3.2 (ISO 19136:2007, cl. 7.1), and this is the only feature representation recognized by the test suite.


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Hi all,

I am having a similar issue to Jarle Pedersen (2015-09-25), i.e. the CITE tests returns
              Prerequisite not satisfied: No valid data available from WFS.

Following the response to Jarle, I have updated the content type returned by a GetFeature request to application/gml+xml; charset=utf-8; version=3.2However, I still see the error.The test server can be found athttp://gis-csd-01.cloudapp.net/WFS200Test/WFS/WFSHandler.ashx?SERVICE=WFS&Version=2.0.0&REQUEST=GetCapabilitiesWhat have I missed ?Many thanksBen Halstead

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