[CITE-Forum] ExceptionReport - SOS 2.0 conformacne testing

Richard Martell rmartell at galdosinc.com
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According to WSC 2.0 (06-121r9, 8.7), the soap:Detail element contains ows:ExceptionReport.
So the path expression for the SOAP error response is incorrect as you pointed out.

-- Richard

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Subject: [CITE-Forum] ExceptionReport - SOS 2.0 conformacne testing

I'm testing our software for compliance with the SOS 2.0 test suite.  In particular the SOAP interface.

For exception reporting OGC 06-121 Section 8 describes and shows an <ExceptionReport><Exception> structure.  But the SOAP test in the SOS_ETS.XML CTL file uses the following XPath expression to check the exception: select="$exceptionReport//soap12:Detail/ows:Exception[1]"

In context see below:

<xsl:if test="$PostEncodingIsSOAP=string('true')">
                                                                <xsl:variable name="exceptionElement" select="$exceptionReport//soap12:Detail/ows:Exception[1]" />
<xsl:if test="not($PostEncodingIsSOAP=string('true'))">
                                                                <xsl:variable name="exceptionElement" select="$exceptionReport//ows:ExceptionReport/ows:Exception[1]" />

You will notice that the XPath expression has dropped the ows:ExceptionReport element.  If this is correct could someone give me an explanation?  Otherwise I believe it does not conform to the specification.  You will notice the non-SOAP version does have the ows:ExceptionReport in the XPath expression.

This is in the checkExceptionReport function and effects all exception reporting in the SOS 2.0 conformance tests.  At this time it is causing any exception checks in my software to fail, you can see an example of my exception message below from the GetCapabitlities tests:

            <ows:ExceptionReport version="1.1.0" xml:lang="en-us" xsi:schemaLocation...">
               <ows:Exception exceptionCode="InvalidParameterValue" locator="section">
                  <ows:ExceptionText>Request was made with an invalid section: WrongSection.</ows:ExceptionText>

If there is supposed to be a difference between the SOAP and non-SOAP version of the Exception Reporting, could someone clarify for me.

Thank you,

David Archer
Software Developer
Engineering & Support Solutions Directorate
Riverside Research Institute
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