[CITE-Forum] R: GML 3.2.1 application schema test: surprise failure

Peter Parslow Peter.Parslow at ordnancesurvey.co.uk
Tue Sep 23 08:46:28 EDT 2014

I'm working on the ability to run it locally - we're a rather corporate, locked down facility here.

But in order to get certification, I'd have to pass the tests online, and at present this issue prevents our OS VectorMapDistrict product from passing.


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> Peter,
> I'm not sure when that will happen, but you don't have to wait :-) You can clone the GitHub repository and run the test suite directly using Eclipse or deploy it to your own Tomcat instance.
> <https://github.com/opengeospatial/ets-gml32>
> BTW, I just committed a fix for issue #1 (validateMetadataProperties: Metadata property declared locally is not detected).
> -- Richard
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> Richard,
> That's great; when will r16 be available in the online TEAM engine http://cite.opengeospatial.org/teamengine/rest/suites/gml?
> Peter
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> Hi Stefania, Peter:
> The app schema looks fine. In r15 the validateMetadataProperties test required the metadata property value to be declared in an application namespace. However, this assertion was removed in the latest release (r16) as an unwarranted interpretation of this statement:
> "The content model of such a property type, i.e. the metadata application schema shall be specified by the GML application schema."
> I have confirmed an issue with detecting and checking _local_ metadata property declarations, which are permitted (cl. 21.2.7).
> <https://github.com/opengeospatial/ets-gml32/issues/1>
> Note: Global metadata property declarations are ok.
> --
> Richard

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