[CITE-Forum] wcs 1.1.1 compliance test issue

Sebastian Goerke goerke at lat-lon.de
Mon Sep 15 10:08:35 EDT 2014

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there were no changes made for this test. With "Were changes made to
this part of the wcs test?" you meant since last year or in general?
What was done since last year is switching teamengine I think.

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Am 15.09.2014 um 06:10 schrieb Satish Sankaran:
> Folks, We noticed this issue when doing our WCS 1.1.1 compliancy
> tests. We are using the test suite revision r1 ( the final version
> set up by OGC).
> The failures are related to a numeric type conversion error when
> teamengine parses DescribeCoverage response. Due to this, no
> GetCoverage requests get sent to the server.
> Cannot convert string "513 19706349.95298744 18066228..." to
> xs:decimal
> We had no issues passing this test earlier. Were changes made to
> this part of the wcs test? Any information you can provide would be
> very useful.
> Thanks.
> Satish
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