[CITE-Forum] Issues with namespaces in CTL requests

Michael Schulz mandschulz at googlemail.com
Fri May 2 07:21:27 EDT 2014

Dear list,

I have some problems regarding a CTL test script, that was developed to
test CSW AP-ISO conformity. One test issues a getrecords request in order
to get back two gmd:MD_Metadata records. The part of the CTL script looks
like this:

      <xsl:variable name="response">
            <xsl:value-of select="$csw.GetRecords.soap.url"/>
          <header name="action">urn:unused</header>
          <header name="SOAPAction">urn:unused</header>
          <header name="Content-Type">application/soap+xml</header>
            <soap:Envelope xmlns:soap="
              <soap:Header />

                   outputFormat="application/xml" outputSchema="
                   resultType="results" service="CSW" version="2.0.2"
                  <csw:Query typeNames="gmd:MD_Metadata">

As you can see we define the gmd Namespace. However when an actual test
session is created for this test, it seems the soap message is modified
either by a XSL transformation or another XML (validation?) mechanism and
the result is that in the actual request being sent out (when a test
session is executed), this defined gmd namespace is removed. The problem
is, that the remote CSW (pycsw) complains about the undeclared namespace.

One thing to add, is that this is with older teamengine version. So I'm not
exactly looking for a solution to it, rather a pointer to where this could
happen in the code.

Cheers, Michael

Michael Schulz
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