[CITE-Forum] WMS 1.1.1 r6 test issue in the beta web site

Robin Houtmeyers Robin.Houtmeyers at luciad.com
Fri Jun 20 16:56:07 EDT 2014

Hi Richard,

yes, the 'wmsops-getmap-params-layers-6' behaves as expected; it passes. The URL from that test is http://demo.luciad.com:8080/LuciadMapOGC/wms111?&WiDtH=168&ReQuEsT=GetMap&BbOx=-0.0042,-0.0024,0.0042,0.0024&FoRmAt=image/jpeg&VeRsIoN=1.1.1&SrS=EPSG:4326&HeIgHt=96&StYlEs=&LaYeRs=cite:Lakes,NonExistant which seems to give the same result as I got for the other test.


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Hi Robin,

Does the 'wmsops-getmap-params-layers-6' test behave as expected? It also looks for an exception report. The difference here is that 
a response parser is not explicitly specified for the service request.

If *-layers-6 looks ok, then it may be an issue with the response parser.


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while testing with the latest WMS 1.1.1 test revision available in the beta web site (r6), I encountered the following issue with our WMS:

Test wms:wmsops-getmap-params-layers-5 fails because it expects that the result is an XML service exception report, in which /ServiceExceptionReport/ServiceException[@code="LayerNotDefined"] exists. 

However, this seems exactly the case when I execute the request generated by the test: http://demo.luciad.com:8080/LuciadMapOGC/wms111?&SrS=EPSG:4326&LaYeRs=NonExistant&StYlEs=&ReQuEsT=GetMap&HeIgHt=96&FoRmAt=image/jpeg&VeRsIoN=1.1.1&BbOx=-0.0042,-0.0024,0.0042,0.0024&WiDtH=168

Could it be that there is a test issue for this case?

Best regards,
Robin Houtmeyers

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