[CITE-Forum] Failed OGC WMS Test

Bruce Dietrich dietrichb at pixia.com
Wed Jun 11 13:27:22 EDT 2014

Below is a portion of the GetCapabilities response.  Each layer contains the same style element.  Is this the cause?   Should this be allowed?

		<Layer queryable="1" opaque="0" cascaded="0">
			<Abstract>ESRI Shapefile</Abstract>
			<LatLonBoundingBox minx="-2.000000000000" miny="-1.000000000000" maxx="2.000000000000" maxy="6.000000000000"/>
			<BoundingBox SRS="EPSG:4326" minx="-2.000000000000" miny="-1.000000000000" maxx="2.000000000000" maxy="6.000000000000" resx="4.000000000000" resy="7.000000000000"/>
			<Title>Default Style</Title>
			<Abstract>Default Style</Abstract>
		<Layer queryable="1" opaque="0" cascaded="0">
			<Abstract>ESRI Shapefile</Abstract>
			<LatLonBoundingBox minx="0.000199000000" miny="0.000699000000" maxx="0.000201000000" maxy="0.000701000000"/>
			<BoundingBox SRS="EPSG:4326" minx="0.000199000000" miny="0.000699000000" maxx="0.000201000000" maxy="0.000701000000" resx="0.000002000000" resy="0.000002000000"/>
			<Title>Default Style</Title>
			<Abstract>Default Style</Abstract>

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An error like that usually indicates that an XPath function was fed an invalid argument. This could be because:

a) The capabilities doc is valid but the script doesn't allow for multiple occurrences of some element (i.e. a script error); or
b) The capabilities doc is not valid.

There is a direct call to the string() function in that test to find the "preferred-name" for a layer:

string($capabilities/Capability//Layer[Name and Style = $style]/Name)

So it looks like multiple layers were matched but this was not expected in the script.


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I am running OGC WMS testing for WMS version 1.1.1 against our WMS service.  I am getting a failure for a single test (results shown below).  This test does not execute a web request against our service (no URL is generated by the OGC Test) and the error is cryptic.  What does this error mean?  What part of our GetCapabilities XML could cause this error?

Log for test s0001/d1e2085_1

Test wms:wmsops-getmap-each-style type Mandatory default result Passed (s0001/d1e2085_1)

Assertion: For each of the Styles in the capabilities document, when a GetMap request is made with the STYLES parameter set to the element of the style, then the response is valid.

A sequence of more than one item is not allowed as the first argument of string() (<Name/>, <Name/>, ...) 
Result: Failed

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Pixia Corporation
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