[CITE-Forum] i18n with teamengine?

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Unfortunately, TEAM-engine requires Saxon-B It depends on some internal APIs that changed in later versions, especially in v9.2 and later. In particular, changes in how extensions are implemented and invoked.


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we are advancing with our preliminary tests with the mentioned saxon-gettext extension.
However there is an issue with the saxon version that is used. I would like to ask, whether
the teamengine makes use of functions of a specific saxon version? In my last installation I see saxon 9.0 is used.
Do you think it could be possible to use a slightly more recent version (>= 9.1) ?

Thanks, Michael

2014-03-19 10:43 GMT+01:00 Michael Schulz <mandschulz at googlemail.com<mailto:mandschulz at googlemail.com>>:

thanks for this information. As I suspected TestNG should be / is capable of doing this already.

My main focus is atm CTL. I would like to draw your attention to the saxon/gettext extension I referenced in the first mail.
Without being able to try this easily, this sounds like a quite viable way of doing it. It follows the usual gettext workflow.

- decorate all translatable with a gettext function
- use a specific xsl to extract all keys
- use some po editor to translate and compile into byte-code (ok, not using the standard mo files)
- use some extension functions in the ctl scripts to init the gettext translation

I will try to fit this into the te4 code and see whether it could work.

Cheers, Michael

2014-03-18 22:38 GMT+01:00 Richard Martell <rmartell at galdosinc.com<mailto:rmartell at galdosinc.com>>:


The TestNG-based tests (GML, WFS2, KML) do support localized error messages. Since these suites are implemented in Java, they use
"resource bundles" to contain locale-specific messages as key/value pairs, where the key is a message id.

For example, here's a snippet from the MessageBundle_en.properties file in the GML test suite:

# assertion error messages in English (default)
NotSchemaValid = {0} schema validation error(s) detected.\n {1}
SchemaError = Failed to compile Schema from source at {0}.
XMLSchemaNotValid = {0} schema error(s) detected.\n {1}

That's the only resource bundle there at the moment :-(

One could add resource bundles for other languages (e.g. MessageBundle_fr.properties, MessageBundle_de.properties). A request to execute a test suite might express a language preference in the usual manner using the standard Accept-Language header:


The test executor would then use the header value to select a resource bundle. Note that not all parts of this story have been implemented so we're not quite there yet. Up until now no one has expressed an interest, so the capability has lingered on the "To-Do (before sun explodes)" list.

CTL scripts do not have localization support built in, nor have I ever seen this done. I suspect it would be a rather painful undertaking (extracting localizable message content to variables, creating the "dictionary" files for each suite, and getting it all to work in the final set of XSLT scripts).


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Subject: [CITE-Forum] i18n with teamengine?

Dear teamengine-users,

this is a question rather for the teamengine core software, than for a specific test. Would it be possible to enhance the teamengine to support i18n? I don't think of the web interface, but rather the messages that are generated for each test.

I'm not familiar with TextNG, but I'd assume it should be possible to do it for these tests implementations. What about the CTL tests? I found an saxon/gettext extension, that might be possible solution [1].

In our use-case, the teamengine is used with custom tests implemented with CTL to check e.g. for INSPIRE conformance. So the results of the tests are accessible to normal users and at the moment we are using english for the messages. But we have requests to also report the test messages in other languages.

Thanks for any comments and considerations.

Cheers, Michael

[1] http://xmlguru.cz/2006/10/saxon-gettext
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Michael Schulz

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