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Saurabh S Chandan sschandan at tatapowersed.com
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I have doubts regarding the treatment of gml:id in WFS 1.1.0. These are as

1.       Is featureID and gml:id synonymous?

2.       Is it expected to keep the gml:id/featureId unique for the entire
WFS server ? (i.e. can two layers on a server have same gml:id/featureID?)

3.       If user makes a getFeature Request based on featureId which is
redundant on a server, is WFS server expected to raise an exception?

4.       In such a scenario where a featureID exists more than once, how
GetGMLObject request is expected to behave?

5.       If a user assigns a gml:id to a feature which is already assigned
to some other feature in insert transaction, is WFS server expected to
raise an exception?


Please consider all the above queries in the light of WFS 1.1.0


Thanks in advance.


Best Regards,

Saurabh Chandan


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