[CITE-Forum] CITE TESTS FOR SOS v1.0 cannot run with the server that supports both v1.0 and v2.0

宗岩 Rocky rocky at gis.tw
Tue Oct 22 22:42:17 EDT 2013

Hi, Alex,

        The next SOS 1.0.0 version (r8) will include the “AcceptedVersions=1.0.0?into GetCApabilities request for the ‘sos:core-main?test.
           Or you can download SOS 1.0 trunk from SVN to test.
           URL: https://svn.opengeospatial.org/ogc-projects/cite/scripts/sos/1.0.0/trunk/
           Thank you for reporting.

OGC 06-121r3 OWS 1.1.0 P.19
7.3.2 Version negotiation
Version negotiation is performed using the optional AcceptVersions parameter in the GetCapabilities operation request.
Although optional, client software should always include this parameter, to simplify version negotiation.
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Subject: [CITE-Forum] CITE TESTS FOR SOS v1.0 cannot run with the server that supports both v1.0 and v2.0


It seems that the CITE tests for SOS v1.0 contain errors: the ‘sos:core-main?and ‘owsTests:ows-OWS.GetCapabilities.1?tests for the SOS v1.0 always fail with the server that supports both v1.0 and v2.0.

It happens because the test requests drops (deliberately or not) the AcceptVersions parameter. Although the “OGC Web Services Common Specification?defines the AcceptVersions parameter as optional, it requires server to “return a service metadata document that is compliant to the highest protocol version that the server supports?if no version negotiation is performed, i.e. the AcceptVersions parameter is omitted. In that case the server always returns the SOS v2.0 document, which immediately causes the test to fail due to schema mismatch.

This failure is absolutely critical because the result of the ‘sos:core-main?test must pass schema validation in order to continue the SOS v1.0 testing. Although there is an option to select the tests to run, there is no way the ‘sos:core-main?test can be excluded.

Is there any way to fix the SOS v1.0 test by either (a) including the “AcceptedVersions=1.0.0?into GetCApabilities request for the ‘sos:core-main?test, or (b) making that test optional?


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