[CITE-Forum] Error in WMS 1.3 r3 test

Andreas Schmitz schmitz at occamlabs.de
Fri Mar 29 14:56:18 EDT 2013

Arnulf Christl wrote:

Hi Arnulf,

> I might be wrong but apparently in some queries the test engine asks
> for a BBOX with zero extent. This produces an error on the server side
> (in my opinion correctly) which is interpreted by the test engine as a
> failure of the test in question.
> URL generated by the test engine:
> http://metaspatial.net/cgi-bin/ogc-cite-data-wms.xml?&LaYeRs=Bridges&WiDtH=100&HeIgHt=100&I=50&BbOx=0.0007,0.0002,0.0007,0.0002&CrS=EPSG%3A4326&ReQuEsT=GetFeatureInfo&InFo_fOrMaT=text%2Fhtml&J=50&StYlEs=&FoRmAt=image%2Fpng&QuErY_LaYeRs=Bridges&VeRsIoN=1.3.0
> When the bbox is corrected (by adding 0.00001 deg to the ur
> coordinate) it works fine:
> http://metaspatial.net/cgi-bin/ogc-cite-data-wms.xml?&LaYeRs=Bridges&WiDtH=100&HeIgHt=100&I=50&BbOx=0.0007,0.0002,0.00071,0.00021&CrS=EPSG%3A4326&ReQuEsT=GetFeatureInfo&InFo_fOrMaT=text%2Fhtml&J=50&StYlEs=&FoRmAt=image%2Fpng&QuErY_LaYeRs=Bridges&VeRsIoN=1.3.0

I'm unsure how that happens, but deegree for example always sends a
service exception in case minx == maxx or miny == maxy, and we pass
the tests. However, your service advertises the mentioned request box
as the layer's bounding box, the scripts probably just try to request
the layer with its advertised bounding box.

Best regards,
Andreas Schmitz
Occam Labs UG (haftungsbeschränkt)
Godesberger Allee 139
53175 Bonn, Germany
Phone:  +49 228 937 988 65
Mobile: +49 151 184 39 348
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