[CITE-Forum] case sensitive parameters values

Di Donato Pasquale swisstopo Pasquale.DiDonato at swisstopo.ch
Fri Mar 8 08:17:58 EST 2013

I several parts of OGC specs (e.g. WMS WFs and OWS Commons) it's written that parameters names are not case-sensitive while parameters values are case-sensitive.
My understanding is that a server should return and exception error report to a request like ....?...&request=getcapabilities (getcapabilities is not in Upper Camel Case). 

I'm just wondering is this interpretation is correct and, in case, if this rule is checked in CITE Test.

Here for example: http://cite.opengeospatial.org/test_engine/wms/1.1.1/wms_assertions#6.4-Request%20Parameter%20Rules
I just see a check on parameters names (not case-sensitive). Cannot find any info on parameters values (that should be case sensitive)

Any help is welcome,


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