[CITE-Forum] Help required for OGC tests

Meenakshi Gupta meenakshi.gupta at tcs.com
Fri Mar 8 07:47:44 EST 2013

I am a novice and understanding OGC standards, WMS,WFS, WCS.I need help 
for testing my WMS,WFS,WCS services published on a server.
To test a WMS service I have done the following:-
1) I have downloaded team engine, Understand-3.1.653-Windows-32bit. and 
main.xml from 
2) On the command prompt in Windows, when I execute the test script, by 
typing        test.bat -source=C:\Users\12456\Documents  it opens a GUI.
3) I am entering the name of URL 
. I have kept UpdateSequence values as Automatic and by default 'Basic' 
and 'Queryable'.

I am getting  test suite failed for WMS 1.3.0.
Please guide me , what mistakes I have made.

Thanks & Regards
Meenakshi Gupta
Tata Consultancy Services
Mailto: meenakshi.gupta at tcs.com
Website: http://www.tcs.com
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