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Lorenzo Bigagli lorenzo.bigagli at cnr.it
Wed Jun 26 08:25:25 EDT 2013

Thank you for reporting this Neil.
I would agree that the tests should be aligned with the latest schema.
Could you please file a report in the issue tracker, for keeping note of this decision?
Thanks a lot,

Il giorno 19/giu/2013, alle ore 10:21, Neil Tippett <neil.tippett at envitia.com> ha scritto:

> Hi Folks,
> I’ve encountered an issue with CITE test GetRecords-tc19.1 from the CSW tests on the latest CITE beta engine and it comes down to an ambiguity in the OGC Filter spec. Basically the test is expecting the ogc:PropertyIsLike filter to be applied in a case insensitive manner, which is open to interpretation.
> According to the schema of the OGC Filter 1.1 standard that was around when the CSW spec was issued, the ogc:PropertyIsLike element is not permitted to have a matchCase attribute, unlike most of the other property comparison operators. This schema was subsequently updated (v1.1.3) to add this attribute and default it to true – implying perhaps that the original intention was to perform the search using case sensitive matching. The original spec did not state the intention for this element however.
> Whilst I fully accept that this ambiguity can and has led to differing interpretations, by enforcing one of those in the CITE test it prevents implementations from supporting the update OGC filter schema which, when the attribute is not provided, expect case sensitive matching to be used.
> Many thanks
> Neil
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