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Eric Blasenheim eric.blasenheim at pb.com
Fri Jul 12 09:23:25 EDT 2013

We are seeing some exceptions thrown when we run the Trunk version of the CSW tests locally but we never see these errors when we run the official tests.

My setup for running the tests locally:

·         Source for csw test scripts: https://svn.opengeospatial.org/ogc-projects/cite/scripts/csw/2.0.2/trunk

·         Engine used to run tests: team engine 3.2

A good example of the failures we see locally that passed on the OGC site:


·         Our ExceptionReport has a version number of 1.0.0 whereas the script expects 1.2.0.

·         Our exceptionCode is a custom value “E04002” whereas the script expects “VersionNegotiationFailed”.

So we are wondering why our tests pass but don’t when run locally!  What version is the official tests?

Any ideas?


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