[CITE-Forum] Problems with CITE WCS 1.0.0 Tests

ULAS AYDINER ulas.aydiner at netcad.com.tr
Wed Jan 9 07:17:39 EST 2013

Hello everyone,

I am new to this list and have been advised by Mr. Luis Bermudez to subscribe to and post questions here. I will pose two questions actually:

We as NetCAD (NETCAD Ulusal CAD&GIS Cozumleri A.S.) are a member of OGC and are currently working on our new generation of web technologies.

As we are keen on getting our new tools certified (for WMS, WCS etc.) like our previous generation of tools, I am running compliance tests against the Cite test engine.

I do however seem to fail for reasons unknown to me while testing for WCS 1.0.0 compliance. Our server supports WCS 1.0.0 and the GeoTIFF as output format. I provide the correct headers in response to a GetCoverage request, but the test result is stating that our server fails to meet the requirements for the Content-Type header. The content type for GeoTIFF is "image/tiff" as far as I know and I also tried a few other variants such as "image/tiff;application=geotiff". None of them seemed to satisfy.

Could someone please tell what I may be missing here? I also tested a NASA WCS implementation (URL below) for comparison and that also seems to fail here:


In addition to the above matter, I have another issue in hand:

Pertaining to a test result, the test engine expects a GeoTIFF file from our server, but reports failure since it receives an exception instead. But the case here is (if the URL specified in the test log -given below- is correct), our server expects Width/Height or ResX/ResY values whereas in the below URL sent by the test engine, none are specified (i.e no Width/Height here and ResX/ResY are specified as empty strings)

http://<our server ip>/WEBGIS.NET/wcs.ashx?NCWS=Iller&&VeRsIoN=1.0.0&ReQuEsT=GetCoverage&SeRvIcE=WCS&CrS=EPSG:4326&FoRmAt=GeoTIFF&ReSy=&CoVeRaGe=ILLER&BbOx=25.414519934691782,35.51145366061202,44.506403026728549,45.410948597223666&ReSx<http://%3cour%20server%20ip%3e/WEBGIS.NET/wcs.ashx?NCWS=Iller&&VeRsIoN=1.0.0&ReQuEsT=GetCoverage&SeRvIcE=WCS&CrS=EPSG:4326&FoRmAt=GeoTIFF&ReSy=&CoVeRaGe=ILLER&BbOx=25.414519934691782,35.51145366061202,44.506403026728549,45.410948597223666&ReSx>=

Please correct me if I am missing something here.

Kind regards.

ulas.aydiner at netcad.com.tr

Cyber Park B Blok No:409
06800, Bilkent / Ankara
Tel. :(0312) 265 0510 - 223
Faks: (312) 265 0520

??Z?MLER? A.?.



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