[CITE-Forum] basic questions about wfs certificate

Andreas Schmitz schmitz at occamlabs.de
Wed Jan 9 06:07:31 EST 2013

Volkan Kepoglu wrote:


> I want to ask several basic questions about wfs certificate and if it is
> not the right place, I really am very sorry, but could not find any other
> place to ask for it.
> 1. WFS version 2.0 is interface standard which means that there is no
> separate certificate for version 2.0, isn't it?
> In other words, there is only one valid certificate for WFS and it's
> version is 1.1. Right?

no, I think you can get a certificate for each standard version you
implement. As far as I know, you can even get multiple certificates for
one standard version (eg. WFS 1.1 with transactions, WFS 1.1 with
transactions and xlinks).

> 2. Is it possible to get a certificate for WFS version 1.1 without
> implementing Transaction and LockFeature operations?

Yes, as long as your capabilities advertise that the service doesn't
support it and you uncheck the appropriate options when running the
tests you should be fine.

> 3. Does WFS-T refer to a separate certificate which means that a
> certificate for WFS version 1.1 plus implemention of Transaction and
> LockFeature operations?

Yes, exactly. I guess Luis knows best what options are available (plus
what conformance classes the upcoming WFS 2.0 tests will support).

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