[CITE-Forum] WFS 1.0 setup instructions incomplete

Richard Martell rmartell at galdosinc.com
Mon Dec 9 13:49:34 EST 2013


Hm. I'm not able to reproduce the issue. It turns out the resources element is not required in the teamengine config file because those schemas are included in cite1-utils-1.1.0.jar.

I ran the WFS 1.0 test suite against this implementation and didn't see any exceptions in the log files. In fact all tests passed:


Did you build ets-resources from the trunk? It should include the following required libs (plus those needed for other test suites) that
must then be placed in teamengine/WEB-INF/lib:

- cite1-utils-1.1.0.jar (schemas are packaged in here)
- gml2-validator-1.1.jar
- saxpath-1.0-FCS.jar
- jaxen-1.0-FCS.jar

Alternatively, you can try building teamengine and activating the ogc.cite profile (-P ogc.cite); doing this will automatically add the supporting
libs to the WAR file.

Note that in your Maven user settings (${user.home}/.m2/settings.xml) you must specify the desired version of ets-resources to use (latest is 13.11.14).


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On Mon, Dec 9, 2013 at 6:06 PM, Richard Martell <rmartell at galdosinc.com<mailto:rmartell at galdosinc.com>> wrote:

I see that the local schemas are located in the web/OGCTestData/wfs/OGCTestData/wfs/1.0.0/schemas/ directory.
However, the resources element appears to be missing from config.xml, so they're not on the classpath; this is the likely cause.
I'll update the config file.

BTW, the WFS-1.0 endpoint appearing in the list of current OGC reference implementations (opengeo.org<http://opengeo.org>) gives a 404:


Do you know of an alternative endpoint that's available so I can verify the fix?

I'm afraid I don't, it was the only GeoServer configured for WFS 1.0 cite tests that I knew about.


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